Structure and Certification


The basic prerequisite is the commitment to be with your mind and heart open to help yourself and others.

It is recommended, though not mandatory, that the student has already taken some course in therapeutic and genital massage.


The course is divided into three modules. The student participates in a virtual space study in their own home for 9 weeks before moving on to the residential module in which the student learns through group practice the skills developed during the first module.

Certification led by the creator of this methodology and its teachers and assistant coaches:





There will be 5 assistants


Module I (Online) - 28.05.2018 to 14.08.2018

Module II (Residential) - 15.08.2018 to 28.08.2018

Module III (Online) - 29.08.2018 to 06.01.2019


Online Study Group

28 May 2018 - 15 August 2018

The deepest body learning in the formation of Sexological Bodywork happens at home, with sessions of erotic practice, where one works on sexuality in a conscious way and is the central part of the distance learning module.

Online video demonstrations and important readings in the field of sexology provide an analysis of the new field of Somatic Sexology, with an emphasis on education, erotic bodywork, individual pleasure coaching, anal pleasure, erotic yoga, and sexual health. Each student writes a report, at least once a week, to the whole class reporting their erotic practice and learning.

Students will also meet in support groups to talk about the practice once a week through online video (Zoom). Each support group is staffed by a faculty member.

A private forum on the New School of Erotic Touch website facilitates sharing of homework assignments, providing a place for online discussions and communications with instructors.

An online workbook for home study helps to direct hands-on sessions, course readings, and videos that should be watched.

Students should allocate 20 hours or more per week - about 3 hours per day - to the 9-week Module 1 course. Students are encouraged to divide their study time at home equally between erotic practice sessions and study video and text.

Students who have not completed the requirements of the distance learning curriculum can not participate in the 13 days of the Presential Intensive.

After the intensive, students have to conduct 25 supervised sessions in their home community.

Upon completion of all steps, students will receive an internationally recognized certificate in Sexological Bodywork.


Intensive Presential of deepening in the corporal learning

15-28 August 2018, Natal / RN

After 9 weeks of learning in an online group, students and teachers meet live to practice in community.

A hotel specializing in retreats at the beachside in Ponta Negra Beach, in Natal - RN, Brazil, is the perfect place for participants to connect with each other and with nature.

The thirteen days of the Intensive include instruction and practice in self-massage, movement, sensate focus, Taoist bodywork, breathing techniques, healing tissue remediation and individual pleasure coaching. Special emphasis is given to learning techniques and models to work with others as a erotic yoga instructor, guiding erotic training sessions and, where possible, empowering them to direct their own somatic learning. All participants play and teach all the other participants in the training.

During the Intensive, students deepen the practices they learned during the study period at home. The following modalities are emphasized:

Erotic Coaching Somatic

This form of erotic Coaching involves taking on the role of erotic trainer or Erotic Yoga instructor. Participants help others overcome shame and sensory-motor amnesia, allowing for a deepening of body in erotic states, both individually and in a group. More than offering only teaching, course students learn to guide learning and help awaken the erotic consciousness of others.

Conscious Breathing

Breathing is a fundamental tool of Sexological Bodywork. Several different breathing methods are taught. Students learn to help others expand their capacity for pleasure and sexual arousal through breathing.

Individual pleasure coaching

Based on Authentic Movement, individual pleasure coaching (masturbation) is a surprisingly effective way to help others break free from limiting habits and deepen their erotic experience. The main coaching technique of masturbation is to witness and be witnessed. Students give and receive individual coaching sessions as well as participate and facilitate group coaching structures, such as the Erotic Trance Dance. Students learn ways to use video recordings as a feedback form when working with others. The motto of masturbation coaching is: "Change the way you masturbate, change your life."

Bodywork and Taoist massage

By giving and receiving erotic touch, students learn various forms of genital and anal massage, which promote a deepening in the experiences of the body. These forms of body work can also result in deep trance states. Students also learn to teach these massages to couples and groups as a way to experience intimate contact.

Somatic Sexual Education and the Nervous System

Consciously changing the way we use breathing, sound, movement, touch and focus of our perception has a profound effect on the nervous system, increasing neuroplasticity. This allows us to experience more, and to have more choice in deciding how we want to be, erotically speaking. Guided practice sessions teach participants how to train clients in their own self-regulation to develop a greater capacity to experiment and choose.

Muscular, skeletal and genital anatomy

Anatomy is explored through slide presentations, bodywork demonstrations, massages and guided practice sessions.

Guiding Groups

Leading successful group learning experiences is a process that needs creativity and organization. Students are taken step-by-step through the process of turning an idea into a dynamic group learning experience.


Supervised individual sessions and supervised teaching

29 August 2018 - 6 January  2019

Students conduct twenty-five Sexological Bodywork sessions with individuals, couples, and small groups, submit their reports on their sessions to the facilitators, and post online for teachers and classmates to read and review.

During Module 3, students participate in five group supervision sessions led by a faculty member.

Students are supervised during this period and only receive the certificate after successfully completing the 25 sessions.

Graduates in International Certification in Sexological Bodywork may become members of the ACSB (The Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers).

We also welcome all those who are interested in participating in the training only as their process of self-development, without professional interest.

The value of the investment in the International Certification in Sexological Bodywork in the USA is US $ 3,000.00 and in Europe, it is 2,900 Euros plus the costs of airfare, travel and hotels. Therefore, this certification does not cost  less than US $ 6,000.00, equivalent to R$ 20.000,00, in addition to what you have to master English, to be able to understand and communicate with other participants.

Here in Brazil, all the material has been translated into Portuguese and all the intensive training will have simultaneous translation, you will be in the same culture and speaking the same language of the other participants, which makes everything much richer, besides the values ​​being much more accessible, since we have a special price for early registrations.

Take this opportunity and have a powerful differential in your work with human sexuality.

After the training, you will be able to:

1- assess the level of body awareness and control of attention as indicators of the health and sexual well-being of your student,

2- Use knowledge of anatomy and sexual physiology in working with their students / clients.

3 - train students / clients in the practice of orgasmic yoga, knowing that the deepest sex education happens through conscious self-directed practice over time.

4- Offer students / clients a variety of educational modalities related to body work including breathing, pelvic floor release, sensate focus, erotic massage, scar tissue repair, ...

5- Use a variety of media in your teaching practice, including sex education DVDs, online videos, face-to-face and distance group learning, online and telephone conferences.

6- Students develop a competence in individual sexual coaching, based on the principles of the Authentic Movement.

7- use the latest research in the areas of neuroscience and somatic learning theory.


Upon completion of all requirements, students will receive a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork from the Latin American Institute of Somatic Sexology.

Graduates of this professional training can become members of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB) and the Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia (SSEAA).

The training lasts 5 months and is divided into 3 modules. The training part takes place for 13 days, at the DBeach Resort, in Natal - RN.

The training uses a variety of teaching platforms, such as online resources such as forums and teleconferences, individual coaching, individual practices and group experiences.


Registration begins on October 18, 2017. Pre-register and secure your place!

Phones: +55 (51) 992409218 |

The course will be in English and Portuguese with translation.