The Sexological Bodywork Training offers unique opportunities for learning through direct experience. Participants will learn a huge variety of possibilities for this new profession, which is officially certified in California, and is being recognized as a powerful tool to assist medical professionals to help in the physical and emotional recovery of students / clients.

Participants learn a variety of techniques including male and female genital massage, sensate focus (also mindfulness), anal massage, breathwork, pelvic release and masturbation coaching. In addition, through self-directed practices related to conscious sex, you will be able to experience and understand how people learn about sex and pleasure.

This course will prepare professionals to teach Sexological Bodywork to individuals, couples, and groups.

The training in Sexological Bodywork makes use of several tools so that you can have  maximum learning, such as online conferences, practical exercises to be performed at home, video demonstrations, supervised internship and erotic group practices.

During the intensive residential training, participants and instructors will gather to hone their erotic skills, explore erotic group trance-like states and connect with their colleagues in their new profession of Sexological Bodywork.


Male and female genital massage, sensate focus, anal massage, anal release, breathing and masturbation coaching.

Somatic learning theory, which teaches that the most efficient transformations of sexual blocks, fears and insecurities are made through somatic sex education, which is developed through conscious and self-directed practices, enhancing the student's own body experience.

Use a variety of media and media in their profession, including DVDs, distance learning groups and conference calls, among other resources.

Use touch, breath and mindfulness to become familiar with and become competent in the use of deep ecstatic states and erotic trances.

Students will become proficient in masturbation coaching through the principles of Authentic Movement.

Using Silvan Tomkins' Script Theory, students will learn about body-based interventions to deal with sexual shame in oneself and in others;

Using Donald Mosher's Theory where students will learn to help others reach deep levels of sexual intimacy;

Elements of erotic spirituality through participation in erotic rituals and including elements of Taoist tantra and other lines of tantra,

Working with individuals who carry sexual traumas;

namely when the client needs other types of interventions for their full health, doctors or psychotherapists;

Experience and understand the group nature of presence in the body, using their relationships with others as a method of learning their own sexuality and that of others;

Learning to assess presence and mindfulness as an indicator of sexual health and well-being;

What is necessary to start a successful career as a Sexological Bodyworker.


Self-knowledge and personal development


  • Expand the ability to feel one's body, sexuality and eroticism free of judgments, shame and guilt.
  • Emotional openess
  • Developing a state of presence.
  • Healing emotional wounds through pleasure.
  • Integrating sexual energy with sensuality and love.
  • Facilitating the free and creative expression of your sexuality.
  • To reconnect with your ability to listen to the wisdom of your body.
  • Dissolve negative beliefs about the body and the expression of your sexuality.


Professional development


  • Obtaining powerful and transforming practical tools to help others live a fuller, more fulfilling and happier sexuality.
  • Knowledge related to the various genders and sexual orientations.

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