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The vital force that sustains your body is sexual energy. Knowing how to work for greater connection, gain of presence and awakening through the body is my job and objective as a Sexological Bodyworker. I help you identify what is lacking in consciousness and embodied practices that can assist you achieve maximum orgasmic potential and, through therapeutic practice, achieve higher states of consciousness and vitality. It is a work of personal transformation that brings about empowerment, integration and some challenges to overcome. The search for simple pleasure is gradually transcended into something more meaningful.

Website: www.sachchaprem.com.br

Instagram: @sachchaprem

Facebook: Sachcha Prem

E-mail: sachchaprem@sachchaprem.com.br

Address: Rua Ajax Correa Rabello 18, Mangabeiras, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


"To know the infinite world of human sexuality and its possibilities, we must go beyond the physical, mental and emotional, and travel to the dimensions of energy and spirit"

I am Pablo Saldarriaga, co-founder of Erotic Code, a community that works for the expansion of sexuality as a foundation of evolutionary and conscious life.

I live in Medellin, Colombia. I run workshops, group trainings, individual private therapies and training for couples. I also carry out processes in a virtual way with people from different countries.

I lead processes of healing, empowerment and inner openness, through which a communion with one's own sexuality is achieved, generating solid structures for the sacred union of the couple.

The processes that I direct use technologies of Sexual Taoism, Tantrism & Yoga, along with modern techniques of Sexological BodyWork

Whatsapp contact: +57 316 277 5430

Facebook: Pablo Saldarriaga

Suelen Antunes


I make you an invitation to go deep within yourself, to feel yourself, the flourishing of the skin ... I will be supporting you, with awareness and love. To give you space where you are allowed to be the way you are, without conditions, without expectations.

You can experience power and happiness, depth and closeness, confidence and comfort, energy and relaxation. Show yourself in your sensuality and passion, but also in the pain of your soul and your vulnerability.

I like to create moments that deal with the now, the feeling, the presence of being completely with oneself, free of everything.

Website: www.suelenantunes.com.br

Address: Centro e Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro

Phone: (21) 98335-7551

Victoria Smith


I work with individuals and couples. Helping people with sexual trauma, sexual dysfunction or pleasure expansion. I apply a holistic, hands-on approach to somatic sex education that leaves my clients feeling empowered and abundant with their sexual energy.

Website: www.tantricwitch.com

Phone: 0468561436

Address: 9 Windsor Place Molendinar Gold Coast Australia 4214

Otavio Paiva


My name is Otávio Paiva, I am a Complementary Therapist. In my work I use Tantric Therapy, Sexological Bodywork, Reichian Body Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reiki and Reiki to help those who seek self knowledge and help in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Website: www.otaviopaiva.com.br

Phone: +55 43 99175-9276

E-mail: contato@otaviopaiva.com.br

Address: Rua Pio XII, 313 - Room 4 - Funds, Londrina - Paraná. CEP: 86020-380

Priscila Martins Calil


I have been a physiotherapist and I have been working with sexuality for 18 years, always in a natural way and treating the cause of the person's problem. My work until 2016 was only with physiotherapy techniques, but after Sexological Bodywork my work expanded and became much more complete, since I see the person in a broader way and I can be much more assertive. Sexual healing is necessary and helping people to rescue and develop their sexual being is an opportunity to do something that is not only great but extremely important in society.

In addition to office work, I give courses, workshops and lectures for women, men and couples.

Website: www.perfectosexualidade.com.br

Phone: (42) 33234123

E-mail: clinicaperfecto@gmail.com

Address: R. Buenos Aires, 444, Batel. Curitiba - PR

Neise Galego


I am in service to clients who come to me to assist them in their demands such as: sexual dysfunctions, pornography addiction, women with "genital amnesia", people traumatized by various types of abuse, acceptance of pleasure, orgasmic expansion, lack of connection and intimacy with the partner. But you are only able to offer as far as you can get and the course of Sexological Bodywork offered me this opportunity for expansion.

I want to leave a legacy of healing the sexuality that today hurts a lot of the soul. I want to help develop a more conscious, loving and liberating sexuality.

All genres, all colors, all creeds and ages.

Everyone is welcome in the process of self-knowledge, liberation and expansion of consciousness.

Website: www.noquartocomneise.com.br

Facebook: noquartocomneise

Instagram: noquartocomneise

Phone: (11) 98141 7092

Address: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1811 - conj 311