Nowadays, most people are busy with their thoughts and imaginations. We live inside our expectations and concerns, memories of the past and plans for the future. This causes disconnection with the sensations of our body which is the essence of our vitality and joy.

Sexological Bodywork offers methods that regulate our body consciousness, increase its sensuality, thus increasing vital energy, intuition, wholeness and joy • deepening of bodily perception, • increased vitality, love and joy,

enhancement of sexuality and intimate life, • ability to enter into expanded states of consciousness and ecstasy, • and many others.

One of the areas that the Sexological Bodywork works on is arousal. Sexual arousal free of fantasies, unresolved emotional experiences, religious dogmas, social constraints, and limiting sexual patterns and routines.

Sexual arousal can induce altered states of consciousness, where it is possible to experience feeling dissolved in wholeness. In these meditative states of the mind, the person is deeply transformed and comes to recognize his body as a source of freedom and wisdom. This powerful self-development tool is the essence of Sexological Bodywork.

We, Sexological Bodyworkers, believe that pleasure is a powerful tool for self-awareness, healing, and spiritual connection.


Memories are stored in our body. This brings us back to the past; many of these memories remind us of traumas such as birth experience, surgeries, abuse, violence ... but even less traumatic events, already forgotten at the conscious level, usually affect our lives and the way we feel in different situations, even though sometimes we can’t identify its origin.


Through the conscious working in the body, we can release and dissolve these blocks and feel a new sense of freedom, vitality and joy flowing from within.

Somatic healing is profound and happens at the subconscious level.

It can create:

  • Acceptance of one's own body,
  • Increased sensitivity of the vagina,
  • Dissolution of pains during intercourse,
  • Cure of sexual and emotional trauma,
  • Aid in the reconstitution of wounds or deficiencies caused by surgeries,
  • Cicatrization and return to sensitivity in childbirth scars,
  • Dissolution of feelings like shame, shyness, guilt, ...
  • Helps overcome erectile difficulties,
  • Regulates sexual energy, solving cases premature ejaculation,
  • Supports the discovery and acceptance of sexual identity,
  • and many others.

Watch the video to learn more about Sexological Bodywork: