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Paula Fernanda Andreazza

Sexological Bodyworker trained in Europe, she has studied and practiced Tantra with the great masters of our days in India, Thailand, USA and in several countries of Europe. For 28 years, she has transformed the lives of thousands of people through lectures, workshops and individual sessions.

With her unique approach, Paula Fernanda is able to masterfully unite new discoveries regarding human sexuality to the millennial teachings of Tantra, teaching people to use their own sexual power in a conscious way, freeing themselves from taboos and fears involving body and sexuality.

More details about her work can be found here: www.paulafernanda.com.br


Yuri Kotke

He is a Somatic Sex Educator trained by Joseph Kramer's Erospirit Research Institute in 2011 and the Canadian Association of Somatic Sex Educators in 2013. He completed his Graduate Studies in Sex Therapy in Health and Education through CEFATEF - SP. Yuri believes erotic pleasure is a fundamental human right , and works to help people access their full potential.

More about his work can be found here: www.educacaosexualsomatica.com.br

Joseph Kramer

Joseph Kramer

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., is an American sexologist, erotic educator and filmmaker. In response to the AIDS epidemic, he has become the foremost teacher who teaches about erotic embodiment in the world. He founded four major schools of Sex Education: the Body Electric School, the Erospirit Research Institute, the New School of Erotic Touch, and the Orgasmic Yoga Institute.

For more than 30 years, Joseph has put together individuals committed to erotic freedom and with them has founded communities that provide sex education services. Joseph founded the somatic professions of Somatic Sexual Education, Sexological Bodywork and Sacred Intimacy, and developed trainings around the world for these professions. He is a faculty member for the  Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in California, the International Institute for Somatic Sex Education in Zurich, Switzerland, and the Institute for Somatic Sexology in Brisbane, Australia.